Zollomo™ Glow Sculpt

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The Only Device That Tightens the Skin around the jaw, neck and chin

An affordable Facelift Without The Botox!

  • Sculpts, tightens and lifts cheeks & jawline
  • Reverses fine lines & diminishes wrinkles
  • Eliminates acne, small bumps, & blackheads
  • Improves redness & dark spots/circles
  • Completely painless & non-toxic

This Zollomo™ Glow Sculpt is a device that uses new technologies to help sculpt, tighten and lift parts of the face! It also uses LED therapy to help reverse, fine lines and diminish wrinkles. It is super easy to use and is 100% safe and painless, so you can use it without any worries.


The Zollomo™ Glow Sculpt is designed to help improve the condition of the face and make the skin around the neck appear tighter! It helps sculpts, tighten and lift the cheeks and jawline all at the same time. 100% Painless & Non-Toxic. The Zollomo™ Glow Sculpt uses LED Therapy technology to help reverse, fine lines and diminish the wrinkles on the face.


Apply slip-agent along with some moisturizer, oil, or serum on the face and neck after cleaning the head of the Zollomo™ Glow Sculpt. After that, grab the opposite side of the face and tightly glide the device along the cheeks, forehead, and jawlines. Simply do these steps a few times every week, and there will be a change in the face after a few weeks.


"Love this device! Easy to use, holds a decent charge for multiple hours of use, is lightweight & travels well. Now they’re all asking for the link to buy their own! Much better than expected & I can see the difference before & after. 👍"- 
Analiese H.
"This fancy tool is a game changer - and for such an affordable price, heck I would have bought it if it was $300!"
 Sofia B.
"I'm blown away by my results! These photos are about 7 months apart. I was very consistent with using it and also incorporated some healthy habits into my life."
Emily K.
"My bags and dark spots have haunted me for years. Thanks to this microglow invention, I finally feel confident in my own skin! 😍"
Tammy H.


  1. Firstly wash hands and face. Then grab an oil or cream and apply it to the skin (we recommend gradually applying as glide it across the face).
  2.  Remove the white cap from the device, wipe the metal head off to clean it, then press and hold the power button to turn it on. Press that same button once to switch between light modes.
  3. After you've selected a mode, you can begin using the device on the problem areas by gently stroking in an upward motion for 5-10 times.
  4. Once you've completed massaging the face and neck, you can clean off the head of the device and that's it.


  • 1 x Zollomo™ Glow Sculpt

    Frequently Asked Questions: 

    What benefits can I expect?
    Designed to help you improve the condition of the face and make you look younger! It helps sculpts, tighten and lift the cheeks and jawline all at the same time.

    Do you have a guarantee?
    Of course – each purchase comes with a 60-day guarantee, that’s how confident we are that we have the best pain relief solution on the market.

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    Yes – each purchase comes with a 12 month warranty. 

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