Zollomo™ Smart Dashcam and Mirror

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The Zollomo™ Smart Dashcam and Mirror combines two helpful driving aids into the one device!  The wide field of view enables you to drive safer with more awareness of your surroundings and to help you park with ease. The high quality camera provides clear and sharp videos and images. Zollomo™ mirror also provides a clear reflection with no distortion.


  • Front view and a rearview camera
  • Dual camera lens car DVR with touch screen.
  • Wide-angle HD video with night vision super sensors.
  • Parking assistance display with gridlines.
  • 24h parking monitoring when the car is turned off.

How to Use:

Step One

Attach the Smart Dashcam Mirror to the rearview mirror with rubber straps.

Step Two 

Charge the device and connect the cable. You can also attach the cable to the outline of your front window. 

Step Three 

Turn the device on.

Step Four  

To start recording, select ‘car DVR’. The red record button and recording time up the top of mirror will indicate that the video is recording. 

Step Five 

Press power button to display as normal mirror.

Step Six (Optional)

Connect the cables to the reverse light (an auto electrician can assist with this). This will allow the reverse camera video to be displayed automatically when the car is put into reverse transmission. 

Additional Feature Information:

HD Video Stream 

Get a wide angle HD video stream right on your car mirror while driving and enjoy peace of mind in case of an accident knowing it's constantly recorded.

Swipe touch screen display & rearview cameras

Easily navigate the display with a simple swipe to switch between the front camera, and rearview camera with the video streamed on your car mirror. With the dual lens display, you can even view and simultaneously record both cameras at the same time.

Enhanced night vision 

Night vision mode offers a clear video resolution even after dark and without any glare from other car lights behind you.

Live parking assistance

Live video feed on your rearview mirror of your reverse camera is automatically activated when the car is shifted into reverse. Integrated tricolor gridlines on screen will help guide you into making that perfect park each time. 

Loop Recording

No need to stress if your storage is full, current videos overwrite the previous file so no data will be missed. 

24hr parking protection

The parking protection mode means your vehicle is constantly monitored. Any motion detected will trigger automatic recording. 

Built in G-sensor

Equipped with motion detection and G-sensors, the video recording will automatically be saved and locked when it senses an accident or impact so the footage is protected.

Package Includes:

Dashcam Rearview Mirror 

  • 1 x DashCam Mirror
  • 2 x Rubber straps to attach mirror 
  • 1 x Car Charger
  • 1 x Instruction Manual

Dashcam Rearview Mirror + Reverse Camera 

  • 1 x DashCam Mirror
  • 2 x Rubber straps to attach mirror 
  • 1 x Car Charger
  • 1x Rear Camera
  • 1 x Rear Camera Cable
  • 1 x Instruction Manual


  • 9.66 inch media streaming touch screen
  • Wide Angle Camera:  Front lens 170°+ Rear lens 140°
  • Camera Resolution: Front Camera (30fps) and Rear Camera (25fps)
  • Video Format: ADI
  • Built In Battery: 500mAH Polymer Battery
  • Functions: Night Vision, Waterproof, Emergency lock, G-Sensor, Loop Recording
  • Colour: Black 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I attach the Dashcam Mirror?

The Dashcam Mirror is easy to attach over your rearview mirror. Simply hook the rubber straps provided over your rearview mirror.

Does the product come with a memory card?

No it does not, you will need to purchase a suitable memory card separately. It is recommended to purchase a TF memory card with no storage greater than 64GB.

How does the reverse camera work?

Once the cable is attached to the reverse light as per the instruction manual, the reverse camera will automatically display when the car is put into reverse. The reversing auxiliary line will also automatically appear. You will need to get assistance from an auto electrician to install this. 

Can I use the product as a normal rearview mirror?

Yes, the rearview mirror can either display the video footage or be used as a regular rearview mirror. To use as a regular rearview mirror, you can do this through either the screensaver option in the settings or by pressing the button at the bottom of the mirror. To revert back to video footage, simply touch or swipe the mirror. 

Do you ship worldwide?
Yes, we ship anywhere in the world with DHL and USPS tracked and insured shipments.

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We accept PayPal and all credit cards and debit cards.

How much does shipping cost?
Shipping is free for a limited time only.

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Due to the high demand for this product, our current delivery time is 2 weeks.

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