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Tired of having a messy car console, having drinks or food falling in your carpets and messing up your car seats? Get the Multifunctional Car Holder and have peace of mind knowing that you will never spill anything else EVER AGAIN inside your car.

This unique multifunctional holder will fit perfectly anywhere inside your carwhether its the cup holder or your door’s side pockets, without taking up too much storage space! The upper part has the function of stretching and shrinking, which can accommodate the stacking of small or larger objects. Also, it can be rotated 360 degrees and the overall structure of the lower part is relatively stable.

  • SPACE SAVING DESIGN - This unique multifunctional holder will fit perfectly anywhere inside your car. The car seat gap organizer features the user-friendly safety design to be in strict accordance with the design of the interior space. It will not get stuck in the safety buckle, and it will not affect the driving. Our Multifunctional Car Holder can be moved freely and features enough moving space so that it will not affect the safety buckle.

  • ADJUSTABLE BASE - The base of the cup holder can be moved from left to right. The position can be shifted and adjusted according to the space of the car body, which is the most comfortable place for you to reach your drink and save space.

  • ROTATING DESIGN - Instantly Transforms Into Two 360° rotatable cup body, multiple drinks, and small items can be placed without taking up space.

  • SHOCKPROOF CUSHION PADS - If there is a gap between the mounting position and the base of the holder, the cushioning foam pad should be used to fill it, which can not only reduce vibration but also stabilize the holder. The car seat gap filler features the ABS material, which is non-slip abrasion-resistant and anti-fall, with strong stability.

  • SUITABLE FOR ALL CUPS - Elastic open-close cup mouth, the Multifunctional Car Holder is suitable for most kinds of cups, thick, thin, and long. Can be installed easily and fast, and it does not fall off after its installation. Also, it can be rotated 360 degrees and the overall structure of the lower part is relatively stable.


Packing Includes: 1 x Multifunctional Car Holder